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OHV Laws, Rules and Guidelines

  • All OHV's must display a current OHV certificate of number sticker when operated on public lands or roads. 

  • Non-residents are required to have either a valid OHV registration from their home state of residence or a valid IDPR OHV certificate of number sticker. Non-residents must purchase an Idaho restricted vehicle license plate with a valid IDPR OHV certificate of number sticker if they don’t have a plate and wish to operate on Idaho’s local jurisdiction roads (i.e. county roads).

  • Riders and passengers on an ATV, UTV, or motorbike who are under age 18 must wear a helmet.

  • Any person without a valid driver's license who wishes to operate an OHV on US Forest Service roads must take an IDPR-approved OHV safety course and carry their completion certificate while operating their OHV.

  • Riders 15 years and younger who wish to operate an OHV on Idaho roads must also be supervised by a licensed adult operator. 

  • It is illegal to drive an OHV while under the influence of alcohol or drugs. 

  • A brightly colored "whip flag" must be attached to OHV's when riding in sand dune areas. 

  • Lights must be used between sunset and sunrise.

  • Ride only in OHV designated areas. 

  • Ride on the right side of the road or trail and in single file. 

  • Be alert to oncoming traffic, especially on blind curves or in dips and crests of hills.

  • Be sure your brakes will control and stop your OHV. 

  • Mufflers with an approved spark arrestor are required on all OHVs

   Information courtesy of Idaho Parks and Recreation

Idaho ATV Safety

Education Course

In Idaho, all OHV operators are encouraged to complete an OHV safety education course before operating on public lands, roads or trails.

The Forest Service website offers an interactive trail maps.  Select the OHV 50+ or ATV/OHV -50 icons on the link below to view and zoom into to areas of interest.

Bureau of Land Management

A diversity of recreational opportunities is available in Idaho for individuals of all ages and interests.  Public lands may be located in your backyard, so get out and explore the outdoors.


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