2020 Fun Ride sponsored by
Birds of Prey Motorsports
September 25th, 2021
WHAT IN THE WORLD IS A FUN RIDE?  This event is a self guided ride that includes five stations of which riders will draw for a value card.  Each value card is then recorded on a play card.  A total of five value cards equals one hand.  Upon completion of ride, awards will be determined by high and low hand. 
Kinda sounds like a poker run doesn't it?  Yep, it is but there's no cost to play.  We're just out to have a "fun ride" and enjoy our OHV friends.  
REGISTRATION:  To participate, select the "Register" button below (disabled at this time) and complete registration form.  Anyone may participate but riders must be 18 years of age to drive.  Each person under 18 may participate as a passenger but cannot drive.   
WAIVER FORM:  The Canyon County ATV Club would not be able to host this event without support from sponsor Birds of Prey Motorsports.  A requirement of the event is to sign a waiver form titled "TMI Group Riding Event Release Form."  There are two options for completion:
  • Print form (utilizing the link below), sign, and present to volunteers at packet pick-up station.
  • Sign waiver form at packet pick-up station.​  
All drivers and passengers must sign the waiver form
PARTICIPANT PACKETS:  Each registrant will receive a packet that includes:
  • One play card   
  • Wristband quantity that corresponds with number of meals selected on registration form
  • Map of event track
TIME:  Event opens at 8am.  Muffins and coffee will be available.  Riders depart between 9am and 10am.  
COURSE:  Event is self-guided with 5 stations to draw or spin for one card. 
The course has been marked using pink and orange colored ribbons.  A map will be also be included in participant packet.     
  • Station 1:  Event start at TBD
  • Station 2:  TBD
  • Station 3:  TBD
  • Station 4:  TBD
  • Station 5:  Event finish at TVD
FOOD:  A meal will be served between 3-5 pm. Each wristband received in the participant packet is good for one meal.  We will not charge for food and only ask that you consider a donation for the meal and perhaps a portable dessert to share such as cookies, bars, and ice cream.  Okay, maybe not the ice cream.    
Don't forget to include those under 18 in total meal count (on registration form).  Meals to participants who register after the June 15th deadline are not guaranteed but will be provided if available, once the last registered participant receives their meal.  
PRIZES:  $100 (each) will be awarded to the high and low hand......and we may surprise you with a few additional cash awards pending overall participation.  There will also be demo machines available to test drive courtesy of event sponsor Birds of Prey Motorsports.  
2017 Fun Ride Photos