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2023 Poker Run
September 09, 2023
This event will not be held in 2024
This event is a self guided ride that includes five stations of which riders will draw for a value card.  Each value card is then recorded on a play card.  A total of five value cards equals one hand.  Upon completion of ride, awards will be determined by high and low hand.  There's no cost to play.  We're just out to have a "fun ride" and enjoy our OHV friends.
PARTICIPATION:  An event liability form and course information sheet (which includes a map) will be provided at Station 1 prior to the start of the event.  Consent by signature on the liability form is also required for every participant regardless of driver / rider status.  No one will will be allowed to participate or receive a score card without signing the waiver form.   If desired, the forms below may be printed and signed in advance.  
Participants must be 18 or older to receive a play card.  All machines will be required to follow Idaho OHV laws which include DOT approved helmets for anyone under the age of 18.  
LOCATION:  Please refer to Meet Up for the GPS coordinates and directions to the unload area.  If you plan to attend, please sign up on Meet Up.  This is important as it helps with food planning.  
TIME:  The club will be providing donuts and coffee after 9am on a first come first serve basis.  All riders will be required to depart between 10 - 10:15am. 
COURSE:  The course has been marked using pink and orange colored ribbons and direction arrows.  A course sweep will follow the last rider out and begin to tear down the course.  No machine will be allowed behind the sweep. 

● Station 1: Event headquarters on Johnstone Road 

● Station 2: Junction of Sands Basin Road at approximately mile 11 

● Station 3: Junction of Sands Basin Road and French John Road at mile 22

● Station 4: Top of South Jump Creek Road at mile 32 

● Station 5: Event headquarters on Johnstone Road 

Note: This ride is an intermediate level track totaling 39 miles. There is a water crossing at mile 7.4 with a short steep downhill section. We recommend you shift to low gear and engage 4WD.  For your safety, travel slowly through this area.  An event volunteer will be located at this crossing to assist if needed. 


After Station 1, you will ride approx. 12 miles on Sands Basin Road. The speed limit is 35 mph. Sands Basin Road is very scenic and you may see wild horses and antelope. 


After Station 4, there is a steeper downhill section. We recommend you shift to low gear and engage 4WD.  For your safety, travel slowly at a controlled speed. 

FOOD:  A meal will be available after the course is completed.  The target time is 12:30pm to start serving.  If you would like to make a contribution to offset the food cost, there will be a donation jar. All contributions are voluntary; there is no charge to eat. 
PRIZES:  $100 (each) will be awarded to the high and low hand.  There will be additional cash prizes based on poker hands.  
VOLUNTEERS:  This event would not be possible without the support of the volunteers that have stepped up to help.  Please thank the following if you have the opportunity:
  • Station volunteers:  Steve and Nancy McNearny, Sheila Debban and Jan Adams, Lynda Hayes and Chris and Laura Clary.  
  • Food:  Sheila Harris and Tina Baney
  • Course:  Rick Harris, Dennis Eggleston, and Ernie Smith
  • Prizes: Sponsored by Birds of Prey Motorsports
  • Cookie Chefs:  Jan Adams, Dee Smith, Sheila Debban, Laura Clary, Roberta Bischel.  Additional cookies donations are welcome to share with the crowd.  
  • Committee Members:  Ernie Smith (chair), Roberta Bischel and Rick Harris
A big thank you to Birds of Prey Motorsports for sponsoring the prizes for this event!  As a club, we appreciate their ongoing support as a club sponsor and supporter of this event.  
Past Event Photos
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