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What to expect when riding  

 Rider Responsibility

  • Know the state law for registering and licensing your machine as rides may cross into other states. 

    • Clubs do not bear the ticket or fines imposed on riders.  

  • Know the state law for helmet requirements.  Ride leaders have the right to ask you to leave if minors are not properly equipped.

  • Utilize the Ride Center (otherwise known as Meet Up) for important information such as:

    • Ride Leader contact information

    • Trail width requirements.  Some rides are designated 50" only.  No exceptions.

    • Ride mileage - is extra fuel required?  Do you know the fuel mileage of your machine?

    • Ride skill level - each ride is categorized as easy, moderate or difficult.  Do not overestimate this as rides travel in remote areas where medical assistance will not be timely.

    • Ride updates, cancellations, departure location and time

  • Each rider will be required to sign a disclaimer form at the unload area prior to departure for all club rides affiliated with the Southwest Idaho ATV / UTV Ride Center.  

  • Riders are expected to act in a manner that is respectful of others, regardless of opinion.​

  • Riders need to respect designated trail areas, trail-use signs, obey traffic rules and yield to or keep to the right of another recreationalist.  

  • Riders are asked not to disturb wildlife and avoid posted areas.  

  • If you bring it in, you pack it out.  This includes the unload / parking area. 

Participating in a Club Ride

  • Pack a lunch and plan for a 6+ hour day.  Rides "generally" leave between 9 and 9:30 returning between 3-4pm.  Stopping is at the discretion of the ride leader but typically occurs every 10-15 miles. 

  • Review the Ride Center (otherwise known as Meet Up) prior to departing for a scheduled ride.  Changes to scheduled rides may happen suddenly due to illness, weather or unforeseen circumstances.

  • Be on time.  You should plan to be at the ride meet up location at least 30 minutes early to unload and listen to pre-ride announcements.  If you are late, the ride leader will not wait for you.

  • Listen to the Ride Leader.  Pre-ride announcements provide safety and trail information and identify who is available to assist if there's a breakdown, injury or concern.

  • Safety is a priority on club rides.  If you do not feel comfortable, stop and ask for help.  Do not feel pressured to ride if you don't feel safe.

  • All rides will have a ride leader and tail gunner (who is the last machine).  Some rides may have spotters to assist with difficult terrain or are placed within the ride order to provide help if needed.

  • When riding, if you come to an intersection and are confused on which way to go, stop and wait for guidance.  Most rides use cones at intersections.  If you don't see a cone or it isn't clear which way to go, do not proceed as that decision could get you (and machines who follow you) lost.    

  • It is recommended to carry items that could assist you with breakdowns or emergencies.  Suggestions include:  first aid kit, tire pump and plug kit, tow rope, shovel, fuses, gas can / extra fuel, rain gear and GPS or Emergency Response device.  Many club members have these items and will assist when possible.        

  • Pack the appropriate gear for inclement weather as conditions can change rapidly in the mountains. 

  • Pack additional food and water.  Any ride could get extended due to unforeseen circumstances.

  • If you decide to leave a ride, please inform the ride leader or tail gunner of your decision.  At that point, you are on your own to get back to the unload area.

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