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Welcome to the Canyon County ATV / UTV Club

We believe in having fun riding while promoting safe and responsible use on designated routes, roadways and trail systems.      

Membership cost is $20. 

Membership provides access to the MeetUp Ride Center for detailed information on club rides, trail cleanups and campouts. 

The majority of our events and activities are coordinated by members through the use of monthly meetings.  

The board is actively monitoring the incidence of COVID-19 in our region and are following guidance from the health department and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) regarding large gatherings, including CDC  recommendations on preventing the spread of COVID-19.

Upcoming Rides
June 17th-19th

Camp Out:  Wickahoney / Big Blue Creek Reservoir / F4 Crash

Host:  Mountain Home Club

Distance: 65-70 miles

Difficulty:  Moderate


June 17th-19th

Camp Out:  Tamarack

Host:  Emmett Club

Distance: 2 days - 50 miles each ride

Difficulty:  Moderate to Difficult


June 18th

Day Ride:  Boise Forks - ID City 

Host: Boise Club

Distance:  90 miles

Difficulty Rating:  Easy / Moderate

June 25th

Day Ride:  Boise Ridge / Hawley Mtn

Host: Boise Club

Distance:  70 miles

Difficulty Rating:  Easy

July 2nd

Day Ride:  Graham and Jackson Peak Lookout

Host:  Boise Club

Distance:  50-60 miles

Difficulty Rating:  Easy

July 9th

Day Ride: Miners Grave / Wilson Peak / Pilots Peak

Host:  Canyon County Club

Distance:  45-50 miles 

Difficulty Rating:  Moderate

Access to the MeetUp Ride Center will be granted with a paid membership to one of the following clubs:  Boise ATV / UTV Trail Riders, Canyon County ATV / UTV Club, Emmett Rough Riders, Kuna ATV / UTV Trail Riders or the Mountain Home ATV / UTV Club.   
Information on this website regarding upcoming rides is intended for general reference only.  Check MeetUp prior to any ride for the most current information regarding ride changes, cancellations, etc...